Monday, April 20, 2009

Finish Line

It's all over bar the shouting in many ways. While still crowded, there are signs people are beginning to leave. "It's fun but people are going to run by for a long time and I already saw my friend go by just now," James, a man carrying a fast asleep little boy informs me. Coming upon another group of college students who also appear to be heading out, I ask them what they will do with the rest of their day off. "Party," three of them say in unison. As crazy as the day was, the night will be comparable to St. Patrick's Day or Halloween. "Only without wearing green or skimpy costumes," Denise, one of the girls, tells me. She wears a bright blue shirt and running pants with "Adam," the name of her boyfriend who just finished the race, written on her forearm in blue paint, and an expression devoid of irony.

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